nairobinationalpark-192x300 Untamed in Nairobi, Kenya.

sunrise-edit--300x200 Untamed in Nairobi, Kenya.

startupnairobi-300x200 Untamed in Nairobi, Kenya. birds-300x200 Untamed in Nairobi, Kenya. vulture-300x248 Untamed in Nairobi, Kenya. gazelle-300x229 Untamed in Nairobi, Kenya. zebras-300x142 Untamed in Nairobi, Kenya. bufalo-300x200 Untamed in Nairobi, Kenya.buff-300x173 Untamed in Nairobi, Kenya. lion-225x300 Untamed in Nairobi, Kenya.maasai-300x213 Untamed in Nairobi, Kenya.giraffecentre-275x300 Untamed in Nairobi, Kenya. feedinggiraffe-300x200 Untamed in Nairobi, Kenya.

When we talk about safari, we talk about Africa and Nairobi the capital city of Kenya will be one of the locations. Nairobi is truly a beauty to behold especially sunrise at the Nairobi National Park. With diverse species of wild life at a park only a few minutes away from the city, it is extremely accessible. You can easily branch off the highway into one or more parks to experience the wild. I made a few stops on my way around town and I have so much to share.

The Nairobi national park is home to some of the world’s deadliest animals from wild birds- vultures to gazelles, zebras, buffalos and lions. These animals are in their natural habitat – the wild and you are not advised to leave the vehicle. They come out early at sunrise to graze and while herbivores are busy with breakfast, the carnivores are stalking amongst the dried grasses seeking out their prey. As a city girl, this was truly fascinating for me, watching them go about their usual and natural business.

On the way out of the national park, I came across the famous Maasai warriors and trust me to stop for a photograph.

The views at the park were surreal but far off and I had to get a closer look so I went to the Giraffe Centre and had a fair share of some “finger-licking giraffes.” It was very fulfilling having them eat out of my hands as I fed them breakfast. Giraffes are such friendly animals.

In the second part of this article, I will share with you my experience at the Mamba village. How I carried a crocodile and fed an ostrich and a tortoise. I also visited the famous Carnivore , all to come in “Untamed in Nairobi, Kenya II.”