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Although Bayelsa is one of the largest oil producing states, the residents of Peretorugbene live under harsh conditions. Only two tarred roads within the town mostly plied by motorbikes. Ferries are the main inter-rural mode of transportation as no bridge has been built to link Peretorugbene from the major city- Yenagoa.

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Education is not the strongest in this part of Nigeria. There is only one government owned secondary school in the whole of Ekeremor town and the government takes care of tuition as well as boarding. While there are three government owned primary schools and one secondary school in Peretorugbene but not everyone is kin on education. Walking through town early in the morning, I came across a small private school. On this day not everyone was at school but the proprietor said he tutors about 300 pupils. The pupils have no chairs or desks for learning and this school is also a church on the weekends. This inspired me so much and it definitely made me appreciate my childhood even more. I had a quick chat with the children who do not know “cheese”but certainly know “Jesus” as seen in the picture above.

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It was quite an adventure to experience life out there on first hand basis and it was also heart warming to spend a few days with family all in one place. Peretorugbene is very different from anything I ever experienced before, clearly unique and certainly an adventure. My people know how to be happy and that is what makes it all so beautiful.