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Road trip to Republique de Benin
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Road trip to Swakopmund, Namibia.
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where the Namib desert meets the Atlantic ocean.
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pearlcardy Namib desert meets the Atlantic


Road trips are interesting to those who enjoy some peace and quiet on that long distance travel. Long distance travels are typically not for everyone because some people get road sickness. One thing is for sure, it is a motion picturesque view of landforms and water bodies to keep you occupied the journey long.

Although, most trips are not navigated by flights only, you always have a long drive from the airport to your final destination. It is imperative to appreciate that long drive and soak in the scenery of your surrounding areas.

Road trips are not my personal favourite, the journey seems so far and monotonous but when the view is right and the weather is nice, It adds some colour and builds up the vigour. That was the feeling I got on my trip to Swakopmund from the Namibian airport. The views were so beautiful that we took a few stops to soak it in, as seen in the above pictures; thanks to our host Pius.

A road trip to Swakopmund is AMAZEBALLS! It is an elevating feeling to take in the cool ocean breeze, driving the long tarred road between the rich beautiful stretch of trees at the sides of the road. That long drive all the way down to where with the Namib desert and the Atlantic ocean meet under the very clear sky, gives you one of the best views of the tropics. It is truly breathe taking and I suggest you take that trip someday.

On the other hand, the road trip to Casa del Papa from the Nigerian boarder of Republique de Benin is nothing like that of Namibia. It is too many stops, too many payments and the view is mainly of the market and street hawkers. Going further through the city, there is a number of tall buildings. Mainly a semi urban  view all the way until you leave the city and head straight to the resort Casa del Papa, where you forget all of your worries and relax to the max.