London is not a tourist destination for me, it is more like a second home because I have family there. This is not to say that there are no tourist attractions but for me, it is more family time. An opportunity to visit and bond again before I return home and back to work in Lagos – Nigeria.


My last visit to the United Kingdom was the most Active and Amazing in the last two years. I travelled on an all expense paid trip as part of a group “Fans Made Of More” sponsored by Guinness Nigeria and I got to experience London in a whole new light – as a tourist.

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Adventure is one of the things I never shy away from so I was very excited to get on the world’s longest and tallest tunnel slide – ArcelorMittal Orbit at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as seen above. I also got a tour of the West Ham United Stadium, I got to mingle and watch the big game between West Ham and Manchester United with the Legendary football star Rio Ferdinand and I got an autographed Man-U jersey, how cool is that?

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After such an exciting weekend I had to visit family and that’s where I spent my actual leave. It was a time to relax and recuperate before returning to the hustle but as always I slipped in a little action – I got another tattoo; well a cover up tattoo.

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I had this tattoo I always wanted to cover up and it was good timing. As with all my tattoos I wanted this to be special so I went with someone truly special to me – my sister. We both chose the Sacred heart tattoo (as seen above) because it means so much to us as a family in the Catholic faith. Unlike my previous tattoos, this is one tattooing I would not forget in a hurry because I had my sister with me the whole time and it certainly made the extra stay worthwhile.

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