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Inagbe Grand Resort and Leisure is an island located about 15 to 20 minutes boat ride from Victoria Island or Ikoyi in Lagos- Nigeria. The island covers 300 hectares of land. It is close to Snake Island and is only 10km from Lekki and Victoria Island. It sure is a quick get away from the Lagos city life.

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Accommodations on the island were built using only local raw materials- thatched roofs, including the lighting systems were all made in the eastern part of Nigeria. There are two lodging areas at Inagbe; one by the Lagoon area and the other along the Atlantic Ocean and both carry different price tags. On my last visit, which was just last weekend, some renovations were made and some modern buildings replaced the old ones but some others still had the local feel to it.

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Inagbe Grand Resort and Leisure covers such a massive land area, you cannot walk the entire stretch. But it sure is ideal for some quiet get away, company training, workshops and team bonding activities.

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With the serenity and beautiful views overlooking the beach and lagoon. Inagbe Grand Resort and Leisure will certainly rejuvenate your spirit and leave you inspired just like I was.