IMG-0164-300x200 Cozy in Cotonou- Casa del Papa
rooms in Casa del Papa


IMG-0291-300x200 Cozy in Cotonou- Casa del Papa
snack out in Casa del papa

Untitled-300x191 Cozy in Cotonou- Casa del Papa

Untitled1-200x300 Cozy in Cotonou- Casa del Papa

IMG_0271-300x200 Cozy in Cotonou- Casa del Papa

A trip to Casa del Papa in Republique de Benin would be one of the most refreshing experiences you would get.

If you are one who lives in the city and breathes the hustle and pollution or you are one who simply loves nature, Casa del Papa would be one of your best decisions, without boring a huge hole in your pocket.

The peace and quiet is next to none other and the cool sea breeze gives the best remedy for that unsettling spirit of the city life. Enjoy evening sit-outs by the beach, seafood on deck and gentle cocktails to go with the beach side views.

There is no mobile network nor internet service out in Casa del Papa. Instead, canoe sailing for leisure and the spa treatment is as close to nature as can be. Sauna in wooden cubicles, a good wash with organic fruits and massages with natural oils in the open air overlooking the lagoon, you are sure to return anew.


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