IMG_5975-225x300 A Trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. IMG_6007-225x300 A Trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
IMG_6043-225x300 A Trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.IMG_6018-300x225 A Trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

IMG_6082-225x300 A Trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A Trip to Rio de Janeiro is a typical case of so much to do and so little time and that is why this article comes in two parts.

The weather is Super Hot at the beach so go with some sunscreen or prepare to return with a good tan. There are a number of engaging activities to last for two weeks with no breaks. So many historic locations to visit, natural resorts to take in, adrenalin pumping activities to experience, watching club games of soccer at the stadium, Rio carnival in season, going fishing and the beach life. Rio de Janeiro is one of a kind destination truly worth the distance from Africa.

Between passing through the Favela, to visiting the Famous Selaron Steps in Lapa designed by Chilean artist Jorge Selaron, to the islands of Ilha Grande and going up the mountain to see the Christ the Redeemer statue, it was a case of an activity a day. I made a few good friends and even met an old man who claimed to be on vacation with his wife. I sat with him for a while, we had a bit of a long chat and he taught me how to fish. I must say it is an interesting sport.

Brazil is such a long distance from home so make sure to experience all you can if and when you make it out there, I was not going to let the opportunity pass me by. I made sure to go to the carnival, watched a game at the stadium and I went hand gliding. see in second article

Ps. For the first time in my life I went fishing at the beach and I caught one, beginner’s luck or what?!!

IMG_5823-1-300x240 A Trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.