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A Trip to Rio de Janeiro is indeed a typical case of so much to do and so little time.

As mentioned in the last article, a visit to Brazil is definitely worth the distance from Africa and missing out on any activities would not be wise.

The historic monuments are very enlightening and educative, premising on the 19th century and slavery in Brazil. Apparently, Brazil is the last country in the Western world to abolish slavery in 1888.

Between the months of February and March, the Rio Carnival is held at the Sambadrome Marques de Sapucai. Dating back to 1723, it is said to be the biggest carnival in the world with two million people per day in the streets of Rio. Some of the most beautiful and innovative carnival costumes come out in parade; it is a breath taking array of colours.

Brazil has the most successful national team in the FIFA world cup with five times wining. Having produced some of the most popular footballers- Abedi Pele, Dilmar Ronaldo and now Neymar Jr, it is home to a lot of football fans and aspiring footballers. Missing a chance to watch a game and see all the magic was out of the question so I made it and it was bliss.

After the game, on the way back to the hotel, I asked the driver what people did for leisure and he pointed to the sky, Hand Gliders everywhere. It was my one chance to try it out and yup; I booked in and went through with it.

The walk uphill at the Tijuca National Park is well over an hour and one might get discouraged but Not Me. Although I got a little nervous but I had paid in full and nothing was going to stop me from getting that experience.

Ps. I got a full clip of the entire experience, over twenty minutes in the air; I’ll upload that soon. For now, here are a few photos before Take Off.


IMG_5985-225x300 A Trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil II
Tijuca National Park, Rio de Janeiro
IMG_5988-300x240 A Trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil II
Excited and Nervous
IMG_6070-180x300 A Trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil II
Kitted Up for Take Off